Nokia should look to Android Phones to stay good in market

We have always seen Nokia running on Windows Platform. Now, one analyst argues that if Nokia has any hope of righting the ship, it must begin manufacturing Android smartphones.

Nokia has recently launched S-40 powered Nokia Asha 501but and Nokia is Microsoft’s Partner in Windows Phone manufacturing, but it is not what the Nokia Costumers are expecting and because of it Nokia’s total shipments have dropped by 30% year-over-year.

It’s unclear what would it cost for Nokia to dip its toe into the Android pool, though. On one hand Microsoft has given licenses to Samsung, HTC and Huawei to make WP-powered devices of their own despite all of those also having Android smartphones. On the other ever since day one and Microsoft Nokia made it clear that their partnership is different to that between Microsoft and the other WP OEMs.



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