I Need Inspiration

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I do. I need inspiration. I have so many projects to work on and I’m not working on any of them. Watching Lost in Space just doesn’t do it for me! My sister insists on watching it every Saturday night and I absolutely abominate it. I hate it, detest it, revile it.

Ok got that out of my system. Whew! It wouldn’t have done to tell my sis to her face.

Why I love Star Trek and hate Lost in Space? Hah, where do I begin ?

Oh I won’t belabor the point. Today’s episode is “Amok Time,” one of my favorites. It’s the one where Spock gets the seven-year itch, one of the best original ST episodes I think. Yes, I am a Trekkie , used to go to conventions, have seen both Captains speak (both actors are terrific speakers with enormous amounts of charisma).

I’ve been struggling with…

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