Alley Inspiration

dena's good life

Since my move to Southern California I spend a significant amount of time alone which has been great for me.  I have time to think, create and pursue whatever inspires me on any given day.  I usually get some of my best ideas while walking my dog.  Yesterday Otis and I were coming back from the beach when I spotted this lonely dandelion wisher growing out of the concrete in the alley.  I picked it and decided to have some fun taking pictures of it in different environments with different lenses.  My husband has a Lensbaby that he’s been encouraging me to play with but I hadn’t had the inspiration to play with it until yesterday.  Armed with my new toy and my delicate subject I began taking pictures of the dandelion wisher using different angles, lighting and settings.  It was so much fun.  I spent a couple of hours…

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