Inspiration of an unusual kind

Taylor Grace

I was at a work meeting and a coworker stood up and said one of the nastiest comments I have ever heard. It wasn’t nasty because it was rude or because it was filled with swear words. No. This one was nasty because it hit below the belt and it left no prisoners.

While everyone around me huffed and puffed in anger, I wrote it down. Later, I changed it until it was even nastier and suited to the situation then gave it to the villain in my story.

Oh, it was so good! My villain went from wanna-be nasty to awful in three short words. Gold! It was gold.

I find character-helpers like that pop up in life everywhere. Real people are full of quirky bits and interesting facts. Some are odd and greet me with “Hi, Superchick! How is it going on the planet?” Others are still so…

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